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Hiking Serleslifte


High Moorland to the courts Gleinser

Driveway with the Serleslift on 1605m. Follow the Track to Ochsenhütte. Continue along the well-marked path towards the Gleinser Courts. That ca. one scarce Hour is at a fork the way the Hochmoor Mieders pay a visit, you should not miss. The route takes you from the dense spruce forest out in an old rural cultural landscape with Lärchenwiesen and many old barns. Embedded between lies the Miederer bog with Orchids and carnivorous plants in early summer and with all imaginable colors in autumn October and November. In the Winter ideal für Snowshoers. If you have seen enough to return to Weggabelung and continue walking to the courts Gleinser. This hiking destination rewards you with culinary Highlights, a talkative Almwirtin and one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Stubai Valley. The recipe for the Kirchtagssuppe donuts is kept top secret. Try them, then you know why. The way back takes you over the same route.


Kloster Maria Waldrast

Proceed to the 8is Gondelbahn for Koppeneck on 1625m. First, follow the road to Ochsenhütte, The hike begins with a slight increase in the Gleinser Jöchl (1879m), the ca. one hour takes. As a reward for an expected marvelous panoramic view, especially on the steep Cliffs the fabled, proud "Königin Serles". On one of the highest monasteries in Europe, Servitenkloster Maria Waldrast, it moves on to our next destination the Miederer Hochmoor. This is probably unique in the Stubai Valley landscape we enjoy rare depending on the season Orchids, carnivorous Plant or goldgelbe Larch trees. A divine spot on earth where you can sit. Therefore, take a bit of time at the top and enjoy the peace and quiet during a break on a rustic wooden bench an old Heustadels. On the last part the Hike return to the Ochsenhütte back. You should therefore your body the fluid and calories are not withheld and set a quaint Einkehrschwung.

At the Top station Koppeneck are you likely face a “difficult decision”: Drive into the valley by gondola or a toboggan? If the queue in front of the toboggan not be too large, can be a fun tobogganing are only recommended.



Driveway with the Serleslift on 1605m. About the Kloster Maria Waldrast reach the actual trailhead, the Ox pasture 1558m (not to be confused with the Ochsenhütte). The ascent is now by the "Of Lange" tlw. in Serpentinen in button 2 Hours to Blaserhütte on 2180m. The climb itself is relatively unspectacular, the probability of this Gamsen However, to see is very high - so watch out. The Blaserhütte itself is located on a beautiful Tray with around Bergwiesen.Trotz of powerful Panoramablickes should from time to look on the floor you, as this area is in the Stubai Valley known for very rare and protected alpine flowers. Also Murmeltiere can be observed on the sun-side meadows often. The Edelweiss You can find ca. 50 - 100m from the cottage to the south. Even a short trip to the Peak cross of Blowers worth the effort. The descent is best used for the same riser.

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