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Hiking silt 2000


Schlicker Alm

Ascent with the Gondelbahn the Silt 2000 about Froneben middle station to Kreuzjoch 2100m. The Round trip ends at the middle station Froneben, from where you drive to the valley by cable car again.

At the top you should not neglect it Viewing platform „Stubai Blick“ pay a visit. The great valley is scarce half-hour all worth it for back and forth.

The following walk through the Naturlehrpfad to Schlicker Alm only falls more under the heading Enjoyment Hiking while. Passing gnarled Zirbenbäumen and all possible Dwarf shrubs with direct views of the Nordtiroler Dolomiten, the Kalkkögel. The Schlicker Alm then comes in handy to thirst and culinary cravings stillen.Der descent to Froneben middle station provides plenty of opportunities for relaxation: Adventure, Panoramasee and Scheibenweg Do not forget Slices, You get to the bottom station!!! To the Lunchtime is High Season on the Schlicker Alm viel los, if it allows the body, is also a delayed Einkehrschwung on the Brugger or Froneben Alm possible. Do not underestimate the Difference in altitude of 800 Meters above sea level.


At the foot of the high fortified settlement

Take the cable car up to Kreuzjoch. Follow the Wandersteig in the direction Sennjochhütte (2220m) or. Stark Burger Hut (2237m) nordseitig am Kreuzjoch past. Enjoy the great sight of the Kalkkögel are not in vain as the Nordtiroler Dolomiten are referred. After the Sennjochhütte overcome a few sloping, narrow Put away in the rocky terrain but all of them with additional Steel cables are secured. The Stark Burger Hut perched right on a Headland and provides for a refreshment break with tollem Rundblick on geradezu. Below the Stark Burger Hut is the area again lovely and the sound of cow bells reminds us, that the next pasture can not be far. The Descent to Froneben middle station (1350m) draws Although in the length but is therefore never really steep. The decision in which and how many pastures you should come, I can not remove unfortunately. To Offer pastures own Milk and Milk products such as other products from own production to. This hike offers a great Hüttenstempeljäger " an: 7 Hut stamps are guaranteed with this hike!


Hoher Burgstall

The route takes you through the Sennjochhütte for Niederer Burgstall. Now follows the north side increase in Serpentinen about Schottterfelder for Hohen Burgstall (2611m). The last 50m require to the top absolute sure-footedness and Fear of heights. If you are not a fan of steel ropes and artificial-accession aid, to the summit also south side without climbing aids reach. The Rundblick from Summit is terrific - from the Zugspitze to the Dolomites

The Descent done in all cases on the easier South side in Direction Stark Burger Hut. But as soon as you take on the way from the Stark Burger hut to slip Schartl, follow these to the northwest to Slip Schartl (2456m). Now it's back to the Low Postal, to Sennjochhütte and the round trip is perfect. A Einkehrschwung in the Sennjochhütte is simply mandatory. From the swirl variation to the Tyrolean tris everything tastes great and much comes from our own farm on the Schlicker Alm. Protect your knees and go to the valley by gondola. The High Castle barn is one of the Seven Summits of Stubaitales, Therefore, forget the punch card nicht.Für the ascent of 3 Seven Summits there is a great T-Shirt the not for sale on is to acquire.

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