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Neustift is located in the Tyrolean mountains, as. 20 min. or 25 km south of the state capital Olympia city of 1976Innsbruck located. The wide Stubai Valley is one of the most beautiful high valleys in Tyrol. At the entrance of the valley rise massive limestone massifs. In the back of the valley rise the gneiss- and granite peaks with 109 Three thousand meters up to the eternal ice. Five glaciers (Furthermore, in the Tyrol named) form on 15 Square kilometers, a large glacier ski, the Stubai Glacier. Together with the plants in the other three ski areas (Penalty-lifts, Schlick2000 and Serles lifts) run within the valley 42 Cars and lifts.

A 1000 the Stubai valley was first mentioned under Stupeia, then 1400 the greater community Stubai was divided into five small communities: Telfes, Schoenberg, Mieders, Fulpmes und „im Tal“.

Although the name of Neustift in documents from the 14. Century appears as "Niwenstift in the valley Stubai ze", It took centuries, up by sat beside the place name "in the valley" the present name Neustift.

Die “Tholer”, so the people of Neustift are still known. Floor, Alm- and house names point to a pre-Roman settlement. Emperor Maximilian was to Hirsch-, Gams- and Saujagd in the Stubai valley. 1505 he donated a chapel, but only 1868 received the Neustift own pastor

When Emperor Augustus with his legions 15 in. Chr. gegen Norden vordrang, also living here mountain people and their territory was subjected to as a province of Raetia. In the following, the Romans left behind by their management and later by the Christianization of their tracks.

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