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The small resort bodice at the entrance of the Stubai Valley offers pure relaxation. Hikers and mountain bikers around the Serles mountain experience a paradise. Also skiing and ski touring in winter come at your expense. Unforgettable is a ride on the summer toboggan run. Very close is Europe's highest pilgrimage Maria forest rest with healing springs and monastery inn. Originally from pre-Roman place name appeared to 1100 than Miders and Myeders and later as Miederes. He is probably derived from the Celtic “bidaras”, was “Estate of small farmsteads” means, from. On the Magic Unterbichl early historical traces of the La Tene period were found. 1392 will bodice as “Oblei” (Community) referred. Of 1690 to 1797 and 1826 to 1925 bodice was the seat of the court for the Stubai Valley. In the 16. and 17. Century was in Mill Valley at the foot of the Serles Silver- operated and iron mining.

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