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The Village the Forge is nestled in the gently rolling meadows. Fulpmes is known for metalwork, already in 14. to the 16. Century was in Fulpmes Demand, Gold and Silver mined. High quality metal products are still in the Alpinsport celebrated with enthusiasm and exported all over the world.
The name was first in Fulpmes 1286 as Vultmeis documented, which corresponds to the meaning of the Wolves. Later it was used as Wultmeins and Fox known.
Today Fulpmes in the Stubai Valley attracts tourists from all over the world. You can find the bottom station in Fulpmes Kreuzjochbahn (Silt 2000), transported in the winter the skiers and summer hikers numerous on the mountain. Characteristics beside the Kalklkögeln, also Dolomiten Nordtirols are called, the Alpine Adventure Park with Klettergarten, Biwakgrotte, Alpine plants trail and the most beautiful panoramic lake in the Alps.
Since 2014 is the silt 2000 rich in Fulpmes an attraction, the so-called Scheibenweg.
Along paths suitable for pushchairs course is found on the round wooden discs, you get to the bottom station, be rolled over obstacles downhill. An easily mastered Direction fun for the whole family.
Since the year 1904 Fulpmes is by an electric local train (Stubaitalbahn) with Innsbruck connected. The close connection with the iron industry is also in the Ortswappen clearly, that an anvil against the background of the Tyrolean colors white-red darstellt.Die community Fulpmes has 2010 Member of the Climate Alliance Tirol. Oldest settlement traces can be found to get out of time 100 v.Chr. on the wooded hill Hohe Birga.

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