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Family hiking trails in the Stubai Valley


Around the Schlicker Alm

Driveway with the Gondelbahn to Mittelstation Froneben (1350m). Pleasant, not be steeper, shaded Rise on the newly created Scheibenweg to Panoramasee. Now, the Site flat offers opportunities for Games in and with the Nature. Mom and Dad are of course just as important, contribute their ideas to pass the time. The Adventure with different Game stations so wie Turn– and Climbing devices is also ideal for children of all ages. Switch to Classic Lunchtime on the Slip Alm very busy and waiting times are inevitable. Therefore better before or after start jump on the slopes.

On the Scheibenweg in the Silt 2000 it goes too impulsive. In the spruce forest between the Panoramasee and the Mittelstation Froneben provide round wooden discs (The wooden discs are available at the valley station!!!) enthusiasm for. One has to solve some difficult problems. The station "Hau den Schlicki"Requires strong upper arms and a good sense of time. Skill and balance requires "theLaner Rinne"True to the motto: "Make way for my slice". How well targeted visitors with the disc, find it on "Plövner Loch"Out. Some tasks can only be solved for two. For each set Fun and variety is guaranteed. The new Scheibenweg is prams and connects directly to the adventure.


Wild water way

The starting point is the Parking Grawa Alm (1530m) in the back Stubaital. Passing the Grawa Alm leads the newly created Steig one of the largest and imposantesten Waterfalls Tyrol. The closer one is ran, even more so to lay the cooling Water veil to the skin and the face.

But first, the work, good 300 Altitude must be overcome, to the Sulzenau Alm reach. Along the way, offer two Viewing platforms stunning views down to the roaring waters. The Alm itself is located in a flat valley floor, surrounded by nature play spaces: Watercourses for Dam build, Boulder for Rock climbing, Trees and mountain pines to Hide play. And for food is also catered for. The Steig is unfortunately do not you for Stroller suitable.On the backs of chairs with faces you can recognize, that the Hüttenwirt an enthusiastic Wood carver is. Intake, see z. Bsp. the only, when you turn a root man the pipe from his mouth – the Hüttenstempel hiding in the mouth of Root Sepps in the form of wooden tongue …

An hour stay at the foot of the waterfall - in the area of ​​the atomized water - improves the recovery of the upper respiratory tract, according to health study significantly. Wooden chairs invite you to linger.



From the Top station (1605m) hike on a wide Trail built flat to the newly Ochsenhütte. In light On and From Now the way leads us directly into the Hochmoor - A truly unique Natural landscape im Stubaital. The many hay barns and rolling Hayfields point out to us, that we are in an old peasant Cultural landscape befinden.Für a Tour in the Hochmoor you should wear especially waterproof hiking shoes. In the Early summer it blooms in this area at all corners and ends. Especially nice little Sonnentau - A carnivore.

In the fall you will be here from all Autumn colors literally showered. And in Winter here strapped to the Snowshoes and wanders through untouched Snow landscapes. If you have seen enough, walk with your children best the same Way back to Ochsen Alm. Here or in the restaurant Koppeneck is of course a stop-off due.

Now the highlight of the day: The Ride with the Toboggan Tal.Durch into the variety of forest- and hiking trails in this area necessarily advisable to purchase a hiking map. If you still find this one of the locals, the inscribing you the moors in, Then the target is reached in half.

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